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The Flying Elbows can be summed up as “seasoned.” This is a group of six guys living in Amarillo, TX that have been there, seen it, and done it....usually more than once.

The Flying Elbows is made up of:

Jeff Williams - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Bobby McCauley - Bass Guitar

Gary Wayne Thomason - Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals

Rick Faucett - Steel Guitar, Lap Steel, Harmony Vocals

Chris Hodges - Drums

Woody Key - Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals

Jeff, Aaron Balderas (original Elbow), and Chris saw success on the road as three of the four members of Copperhead. They toured the Southwest for years building a base throughout Texas and Oklahoma and stretching to Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. Copperhead officially broke up in 2007 but Jeff, Aaron, and Chris have stayed together while having the opportunity to enjoy more time with their families. However, recently Aaron relocated to South Texas due to work.

Before Copperhead, Chris toured America as a member of Roger Hodges’s Christian group.

Gary Wayne and Rick were members of The Groobees, a popular band with Susan Gibson. Susan has gone on to a beautiful career in music but not before The Groobees and Susan put together a little song called “Wide Open Spaces” that The Dixie Chicks had a huge hit with. The album, titled “Wide Open Spaces”, won 2 of the 3 Grammys it was nominated for!

Gary Wayne and Rick toured the nation with The Groobees before finally settling in with their families as well.

Woody Key did his touring in the 70’s and 80’s with Jay Boy Adams in support of incredible acts like Joe Cocker and ZZ Top. He’s been there, done that, and seen it more than once.

The newest addition has been Bobby McCauley on the bass. Bobby is, hands down, one of the best in the whole area. He was the original bass player for Copperhead before joining the Electric Gypsies and playing in front of packed houses each week for years. He is a double threat singing and playing bass. He is really something special and we’re glad to have him as an Elbow.

As you might can tell, The Flying Elbows have acclimated to “normal life” but there really is no such thing as a retired musician. Is there? So, the guys put the Elbows together in 2009 and have been having a blast!

The guys are putting the finishing touches on the EP. It should be out before you know it so keep checking.

Golden Light

Amarillo, TX